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I found the key of Maria's room in my mailbox shortly after she had left to Boston. I could be sure she would not come back before the following morning. Since I had to do other business during the day, I was looking forward to take my time for further investigations in the early evening.

I tried to access her place without being seen or heard by anyone and when I finally got into it I couldn't suppress a deep sigh.

The radio was everywhere. I turned around in order to focus on other things. But the more I tried to avoid it, the more physical it became. It was grey, black and sometimes even dark green. It was too small and too big at the same time, and it was hard to find a perspective from which I didn't get dizzy. Some hours later I could hear its sound, too. It wasn't music, it wasn't talk. It simply had started

its engine and was about to take off.

When I left the key at Maria's house I told her boyfriend that I had to go there another time,
and if possible, early in the morning.

HER BOYFRIEND (flinches by a fraction of an inch)
Sure. She'll call you tomorrow, ok?

When I waved at him to say goodbye, he was -
like Cliff the evening before- still too thoughtful
to respond to my action.

She wants me to play music, but I don't play the music. I also don't eat her soup, drink her tea, use her micro wave. I feel hot, I need a break.

The flowers ouside make me feel unreal. It is
still too warm and too humid to be as dark as
it is.

I am working in the forbidden area, I am re-
stricted to the given material and I am asked
to make decisions. This is against the rules, she
is going to test me with this. I sweat, I almost
shout at one of her colleagues, when he is
passing by.

When to start and when to stop with something.
When to give up, when to bite through something.

CUT TO: Very thin lines in horizontal direction.
Thepaper coils up again and again, the tape doesn't
stick to the table, my hands are trembling, the pencil
is too hard for this kind of paper.

1.5 inches and I draw another line.
1.5 inches and I draw again.
I count and I draw.

The ruler I am given to work with is made
for the metric system, but the instructions
are written in inches. I don't have time to think
about this problem, I have to go on.