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He wasn't there when I asked him to be there. When he eventually arrived, he hadn't prepared
the place yet, and I had to wait on the corridor while he tidied up. Due to the fact that his reputation in Canada is very good, I was simply too keen to see what this young guy was actually all about. Before he left, he kidnapped his neighbour's radio in order to place it on my working desk.

By the way, she was very friendly when she came over to take her radio back, shortly after he had left. Since the work he wanted me to do turned out to be easy and just like an exercise to me, I was wondering why he had let me come to do this for him.

Later, when my wrists stopped hurting, I realized that this has just been another example of his

undamaged and therefore still innocent creativeness.

It was revealing to see how beautifully he combined his ideas to a single, large sculptural network. I don't know exactly when and how it happened, it must have been very fast, but I felt altered afterwards. Relieved, happy? I was surely caught off guard.

And here I am: In his debt, sworn to secrecy until
one of us will be able to leave this place again.

Martin's presence, which was ensured by his photo-
graphs, his suit and his books, made me feel sorrow-
ful and home at once.

Maybe it was wrong to go this far, but once I had started I couldn't stop myself anymore. I called a friend of mine in order to find out when I had met

Martin for the very last time. She pointed out
tha it has been - according to my notes- 1998
in Berlin. I thanked her not knowing yet what
to do with the information I had asked for.

Instead I asked Walsh to take a photograph of
himself standing on a lawn in Berlin. He stood
alone in a felt suit in the rear of the "Museum
for Musical Instruments" next to the "Philhar-
monie", on the other side of Serra's rosty
sculpture -

He stood alone in a felt suit in the rear of the
"Museum for Musical Instruments" next to the
"Philharmonie", on the other side of Serra's
rosty sculpture - behind him you could anticipate
a part of Martin's last and unfinished work.

For a split second I imagined that the existence

of this photograph would be the only possible
happy ending for us three.

Needless to say, there was no happy ending.
But still- there is Walsh in his felt suit, standing
all by himself on a lawn in Berlin.