No more words, no other thoughts.
About the rituals of speaking.

Part 1: Richard and Felix
Berlin / London 2012, 20 min, HD

Two men meet on a quiet afternoon at Speaker's
Corner in the Hyde Park, London. While one is rehearsing
a speech for an upcoming audition, the other is walking past,
and stops to listen out of curiosity. They start chatting,
they shake hands, they talk a little more - eventually they
part again.

"Richard and Felix" is one part of a cycle of works which
look into different aspects of rhetoric. Though the storyline
pretends that the encounter of the two men is a purely
incidental occurence in a public space, both the cinematography
and the seemingly amateurish acting deliberately display
the staging of the scene. Thus, the ambiguity between
what is told and what is shown creates an awkward and
dubious position for the viewer.