No more words, no other thoughts.
About the rituals of speaking.

Part 2: Common Land, Common Fears
Berlin / Toronto 2015, 30 min, HD

Juliane Zelwies managed to get the Toronto Debating Society
to instruct her in the rules of debating. The group decided
to fulfil her request using the topic »Immigrants make
a society stronger«. It's an issue which divides Canadian
society, as much the subject of discussion and controversy
as it is in most western countries. The pro and con arguments
which were presented illustrate similarities in the way
this discourse is conducted and repeatedly reproduced
in different countries. In the debating club there was
no direct expression of xenophobia from the »con« side,
rather they formulated concerns about the loss of values
and identity, and of social status. The experience of
commonality in the form of a collective fear of loss
can be seen as a reaction to such phenomena as neoliberal
euphemisms, denial of risk and the abolition of
social systems. (Sabine Winkler)